Self-Defense, Movement & Self-Confidence for kids (and their adults)

Self-Defense Techniques + People Awareness + Spacial Awareness + Confidence + Observational Skills + ROARing Practice


This workshop is for kids (or kids AND their adults to do together)

The 1.5 hour ROAR workshop focuses on fun physical techniques for creating self-confidence and observational skills as well as tools for escaping or de-escalating unwanted or potentially dangerous situations.

I have two children. I want them to be able to walk through the world empowered with awareness and curiosity. I want them to be interested and excited about people and places while being smart with their choices and safe in their surroundings.

This workshop is for my kids and yours. – It works for adults too!

You and your child will be agile like a ninja, watchful like an eagle and alert like a wolf. You and your child will also kick like a kangaroo, claw like a tiger, roar like a lion, run like a cheetah, and understand the importance of reporting in detail to a trusted adult. We will wrap up with a brief, age appropriate discussion that I hope you will continue with your children at home.

See the workshop outline for a more detail.

I am a professional artist with a background in self-defense grounded in 21 years of martial arts (including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, Mixed Martial Arts – and parenting) and 16 years experience in education, working with children, teens and adults. I use the ideas of animals, ninjas and superheroes to turn the serious subject of self-defense into and something fun and accessible for kids and their adults to practice together.


Please contact me with questions or to schedule a workshop and follow the ROAR workshop on facebook.

-Melissa Wyman



Workshop Outline

Discussion Questions


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