After School Art & Empowerment Program

Art, Creativity, Empowerment, Self-Care and Self-Confidence

For Ohlone Elementary School students in 1st through 5th grade.

The ROAR Art and Empowerment after school program combines super fun, age appropriate self-awareness and self-confidence building with art exploration. We practice our animal-ninja skills while exploring the link between joyful curiosity and observational skills (being aware of your surroundings) and art making, mindfulness and creativity.

Schedule for the 2017-2018 school year: Start date, August 22nd (the second week of school), then every Tuesdays 2:40 – 5:00 pm meeting after school at Ohlone Elementary School and ending at Henry W. Seal Park 5:00pm (Palo Alto).

Awareness exercises include:

  • Listening
  • Looking
  • Observing
  • Moving
  • Reporting

Between the start date and the end of the year we will cover safe, low-impact self-defense and awareness exercise including the following from the ROAR (self-defense) workshop:

  • Observational skills – Being “watchful like an eagle” and “alert like a wolf “.
  • Agility – being “agile like a ninja” with the ready stance, claiming personal space, rolling, falling, getting up.
  • Claiming personal space when needed and clearly defining boundaries.
  • Practicing FUN self-defense techniques to engender confidence with voice and movement – “kicking like a kangaroo”, “clawing like a tiger”, “roaring like a lion”, “running like a cheetah”, and understand the importance of reporting in detail to a trusted adult.

Art activities include:

  • Observational “plein air” drawing + field book drawing + and keeping a visual diary
  • Shading/ learning about light and shadows
  • Color theory (specifically how do colors work together)
  • Seeing what mediums can do! Experimenting with a combination of different non-toxic mediums (acrylic, ink, water, spices, dirt, nature, etc.)
  • Collage
  • Card making
  • Drawing games
  • Collaborative projects

*All art activities will be experimental and fun in order to engender curiosity and foster means of creative inquiry. All children will be provided with a visual diary/ field journal.

Other activities:

Mindfulness exercises, reading and discussion, listening to music and dancing