After School Art & Empowerment Program

Art, Creativity, Empowerment, Self-Care and Self-Confidence For Ohlone Elementary School students in 1st through 5th grade. The ROAR Art and Empowerment after school program combines super fun, age appropriate self-awareness and self-confidence building with art exploration. We practice our animal-ninja skills while exploring the link between joyful curiosity and observational skills (being aware of your … More After School Art & Empowerment Program

Self-Defense, Movement & Self-Confidence for kids (and their adults)

Self-Defense Techniques + People Awareness + Spacial Awareness + Confidence + Observational Skills + ROARing Practice This workshop is for kids (or kids AND their adults to do together) The 1.5 hour ROAR workshop focuses on fun physical techniques for creating self-confidence and observational skills as well as tools for escaping or de-escalating unwanted or potentially dangerous situations. I … More Self-Defense, Movement & Self-Confidence for kids (and their adults)

Self-Defense & Empowerment for Adults

ROAR Workshop for adults is designed for people who have had little or no prior martial arts experience, have experienced trauma or have varying degrees of comfort level with physical proximity. We will cover strategies for engendering confidence, situational awareness, defining boundaries and personal space, deescalating unwanted or dangerous situations, and basic techniques for fighting … More Self-Defense & Empowerment for Adults